About Us

Who is Kenya House of Prayer?

The Kenya House of Prayer (KHP) is a Christian organization duly registered in Kenya as an Inter-denominational, non-denominational prayer movement. It is affiliated to Intercessors for Africa (IFA) which has its head office in Kenya. Intercessors for Africa was founded in 1985 as a network of participating national prayer and intercessory networks of countries primarily within the African continent, as well as Africans in the Diaspora. The term “House of Prayer” is derived from the Bible, that “God’s house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” – Isaiah 56:7.

Kenya House of Prayer was established in 1995 by brethren who had a burden to pray for the nation. This was in response to God’s clarion call over Africa when He said earlier in 1983 that “Though you have been called dark up until now, you shall be called dark no longer. For out of you shall come out great light that shall shine to the uttermost parts of the earth”


The Kenya House of Prayer primarily seeks to transform Kenya, including its land and people, to fulfil its prophetic destiny and purpose. This mandate is territorial and involves the body of Christ in the nation.


A transformed Kenya fulfilling her prophetic destiny


Standing in the gap on behalf of the land, through discipleship and strategic prayer

Core Values

  1. Bible centred
  2. Godly family
  3. Integrity and servant-hood
  4. Commitment
  5. Excellence
  6. Unity
  7. Faith

Overall Goal

To mobilize, pray and equip a prophetic army that effectively prays for the nation, influences leaders to apply biblical principles and reach out to the community with the gospel of the kingdom.


  1. Raise a prayer army in Kenya and provide a platform for effective intercessory networks across the land
  2. Raise spiritually mature and skilled resource stewards and servant leaders at all levels of public life
  3. Disciple the children and youth to take responsibility for Kenya’s destiny
  4. Reach to the needy through prayer and material support
  5. Pray for and support the Nation of Israel
  6. Network with praying believers to disciple the nation
  7. Provide facilities to promote prayers in the nation
  8. To realize adequate resources to support the KHP activities
  9. To prayer for Africa and the nations to fulfill their God given mandate.


  1. Leadership Training Programme (LTP)- training in Intercession and spiritual warfare
  2. The Africa Kingdom Business Forum (AKBF) – Raise true representatives of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in the marketplace.
  3. Sunduolous African Leaders Training (SALT) Institute – Raise servant leaders across the nation.
  4. Children Prayer Network and Youth ministry-Inculcate Biblical value systems in the lives of the young generation to enable them to take their place in God’s family and the army He is raising up to reach this generation
  5. Jehovah Jireh; Prayer and support missions to the needy/marginalized.
  6. Ministry to Israel (Israel Altar); Prayer and support for the nation of Israel
  7. Work with IFA and national prayer movements to disciple nations
  8. Operation Solomon project; establish prayer retreat centre in Kenya
  9. Encourage partnership and other means of support to ensure financial stability in KHP