Africa Kingdom Business Forum (AKBF) Kenya Chapter

Africa Kingdom Business Forum (AKBF) Kenya Chapter operates under the auspices of   Kenya House of Prayer.

Our Mission

To transform the African Marketplace through critical mass of practicing kingdom entrepreneurs

Our Vision

To be a center of transformative biblically based Entrepreneurship Training in Africa.


One of the greatest challenges facing the African church in the 21st Century is how to become relevant in solving the many challenging problems that abound in our nations. A large section of the Church in Africa, like most of her counterparts in other continents of the world, still considers the global market place a secular environment and therefore not a place to be actively involved in. As a result, there is an acute shortage of believers who can apply biblical dynamics to the professions especially in the business sector. This has contributed to the weakness and apparent irrelevance of the church in the face of the overwhelming problems in the society.

In considering what role the Body of Christ should play under such a situation, there must be a change in the erroneous views she has embraced for centuries regarding the marketplace. This training program which, is designed to bring a strong and renewed emphasis on the believers’ responsibility in the marketplace and most especially in the world of business, comes against this backdrop.


 The program aims:

  • To serve as an in-service training and equipping school for Christian business persons and professionals to become true representatives of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in the marketplace.
  • To transform the participants’ mindsets pertaining to business and to enable the exploration of biblical ways of doing business as ordained by God.
  • To raise in business an Issachar company that understands the times and seasons and knows what God expects the Church to do in this day (1 Chronicles 12:32).
  • To reorient, retrain and equip businesspersons in the ministry of intercession and spiritual warfare for business.


  • Christian leaders or entrepreneurs who want to have a greater impact in the marketplace.
  • Leaders & Entrepreneurs who need to be mobilized into the call of God for their daily lives
  • Christian businesses that need skills on management and stewardship of kingdom resources
  • Individuals and businesses that want to advance the Great Commission in the marketplace


The course is scheduled to run for 9 weeks on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon. The first Session would be an Introduction/Orientation session while the last session would be the Conclusion/Wrap up and prayer session after a day of fasting. The course will be concluded with a graduation dinner where certificates of attendance will be awarded to the participants.


Program will consist of interactive learning, problem solving, peer-to-peer mentoring, personal reading, plenary sessions and application of principles to business practice.

Participants will come together for a face-to-face meeting with facilitators for 4 hours once a week for. 12 weeks In addition there will be course work. Participants will be divided into cohort learning groups that they will keep for the duration of the course. Participants will have opportunity to apply what they are learning to their work situations and complete some written assignments.

Participants will be expected to:

  • Attend and participate in the weekly face-to-face sessions. A register of attendance will be kept and participants who miss five sessions without a reason will be discontinued from the course.
  • Complete assignments: both the individual study and written assignments
  • Actively participate in the cohort learning groups


  • The Place and Power of Vision
  • Kingdom Foundations and Covenant
  • The Call to the Market Place
  • Spiritual Gifts
Week 2
  • Kingdom Business Guidelines
  • Values and Foundation of Integrity
  • Ethics at Market Place
  • Personal Accountability
  • The Biblical Work Ethic
Week 3
  • The Mystery of Commercial Babylon
  • Money and Stewardship
  • Understanding Business Stewardship.
  • Debt & Taxation


Week 4
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Biblical Investments & Cash Flow Management
  • Understanding Financial Statements
Week 5
  • Customer Care & Sales & Marketing Using Kingdom Principles
  • Kingdom Business Models
Week 6
  • Biblical Case Study
Week 7
  • Intercession and Spiritual Warfare for Business
Week 8
  • Testimony from Christians in the Market Place
Week 9

The modules in addition cover: Concrete Steps on the Journey to Integrity, Managing and adjusting Your Budget, Biblical Principles for Giving, Kingdom Use of Unrighteous Mammon, Understanding Financial Statements, Cash Flow Management,

The primary outcomes for each participant will be

  • A thorough understanding of stewardship in the biblical and historic context
  • A personal assessment and appropriation of the foundational principles of stewardship.
  • A basic understanding of the importance of financial statements.
  • Recognizing the Bible as authority to life and business
  • Develop a clear vision aligned with God’s purpose for your life and business
  • Uncover the key strategies on how to grow your business for maximum marketplace impact

For details on venue, registration and cost; please contact:

Peter Kegode +254788570731 email: