Counties and the Nation Prayer


This is what the Lord GOD has to say [in Ezekiel 36:37 ISV]: ‘I’m going to allow the house of Israel to ask anything they want from me, including this……… that our 47 Counties will become praiseworthy, from the distress situation being reported almost on a daily basis.

The Kenya House of Prayer fraternity and several churches are engaged in praying for our Counties. Why? The devolved government needs to ‘arise and shine’. God is willing to answer our prayers.

From Genesis to Revelation, there is only one prayer strategy to handle distress situations; it is praying without ceasing. In Acts 12, Herod killed James and locked Peter in prison awaiting execution after Passover. Acts 12:5 says that the Church started praying without ceasing. Heaven immediately responded and gave the Church victory. In the book of Esther 3-9, the Jews were bought by Haman to be slaughtered one day; they were in deep distress. Esther and Mordecai mobilized all Jews to embark on 24/7 Chain Prayer Watch for three days. God took over their battle; He turned their mourning to rejoicing!

Please join us in praying for our Counties and the Nation. Download the prayer guide Click here



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