Goal: Encourage and facilitate prayer and support for the Nation of Israel.

Key Strategies:

  • Weekly prayers for Israel …held at the Office on Mondays (10-12noon)
  • Sensitize Christians to support Israel Financially and Materially
  • Mobilize Christians to support missionary work in Israel
    • Availing and Dissemination of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations (JHOPFAN) Calendars and related materials (CDs/DVDs) ; Books; to equip Watchmen with appropriate intercessory information (Presently there are caps for the Lunch time prayer for Israel- A minute for Israel)
  • Awareness Creation among the KHOP fraternity and beyond on the importance of praying for Israel –ref Ps.122v6 and Isa.62v6 through:
    • LTP Classes and
    • Sharing updates from the Israel based Ministries and churches (Messianic Believers)
  • Raising prayer altars for Israel in the Regions
  • Networking with like minded Christian bodies and institutions:
    • Bringing Kenyan Christians together to stand with Israel…through the Kenya Friends of Israel (KEFI) Network.
    • Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations (JHOPFAN) ….prayers for Israel especially on the Jerusalem Day of Prayers for all Nations.
    • Intercessors for Africa (IFA) prayer trips to Israel
  • Advocacy on key issues touching on Israel-Kenya diplomatic relations
  • Update KHOP members on the status of relations between Kenya and Israel, for prayer purposes
  • Strengthened liaison with the Regional Chapters for more awareness and mobilization for Israel prayers…to piggy-back on the LTPs where possible
  • Increased dissemination of Israel – prayer points with the KHOP Regional and National leadership
  • Share on the progress of the Church – growth in Israel


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