Leadership Training

This is our flagship training in Intercession and Spiritual Warfare. The training runs once a week from January to May and from July to December. It is a cost-effective teaching for all believers in the Church and workplace. The need for systematic and effective Christian leadership in the area of intercession and spiritual warfare cannot be over emphasized. We are all aware that the intense, passionate prayers of a righteous man are not just powerful, prevailing and authoritative, but very effective, valuable and successful.

What is the purpose of the training?

The Kenya House of Prayer delights in mobilizing, training, and equipping believers in the Church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to actively advance the Kingdom of God through intercession and spiritual warfare. Such trained believers are expected to deploy themselves strategically in our beloved nation and to take up spiritual leadership, and priestly roles for our residence, communities, nation, and in our generation according to 1 Peter 2:9.

The creed of the Kenya House of Prayer Training Programme in Intercession and Spiritual Warfare is EXCELLENCE IN WORKING drawn from Isaiah 28:29 KJV.

How does the course content look like?

In the first module, courses like the vision of and the power of prayer; Africa’s season of restoration (Isaiah 18 and 19) and understanding of God’s redemptive gift for Kenya are outstanding. They broaden believers’ vision, calling and motivation for ministry. The vision is territorial, enabling believers to take responsibility collectively as a Church in Kenya in the conquest of places.

In the second module of the training, believers are equipped and made ready to serve God in their local assemblies. The mandate of the end-time Church is taught and made known. Participants undergo a prophetic preparation enabled by awareness for the assignment ahead. Identification repentance allows us to prepare and stand in our priestly calling as a believer which has a very high demand in our times. Through submission we become instruments of restoration and transformation of our country into our corporate destiny.

In the third module, participants are encouraged to mainstreaming prayer in all spheres of life. We come to understand that the battle of one denomination is the battle of the whole church. The training makes participants equipped to deal with spiritual foundations and in the raising Godly altars. Drawing solid principles from the Bible, participants move from being victims of spiritual warfare to victors who are willing to train others into the blessing. You definitely would not like to miss.

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  • Vision of Prayer
  • Africa and the destiny of Nations
  • Ministry of prayer
  • Intercession in the end time church
  • Priesthood of all believers
  • The Territorial Church
  • Roots of the church
  • Israel and the church/Nations
  • Origin and purpose of Spiritual conflict
  • The power of Altars
  • Foundations and Bondage
  • Understanding and dealing with the Heavens