Prayer Guide- IFA conference JCC, Mombasa 2015


Prayer Guide- IFA conference JCC, Mombasa 2015
-thank God for His mercies for the continent of Africa.
-thank God for venue, Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC).
Malachi 3:2-3
– that God will sit as a refiner and a purifier in your life to be able to offer holy and acceptable sacrifice
– pray to sanctify the conference from, different nations’ idolatry and cultures which don’t glorify God.
Matthew 12:23, Luke 6:45
– God to purge the reservoirs of our hearts and lips, from, pride, arrogance, malice, murmuring, anger and anything which causes the Holy Spirit excuse Himself from our midst.
2 Timothy 2:20
That we will cleanse ourselves from what is dishonourable to qualify to be vessels of honor, for honourable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, and ready to carry out Gods assignment for the continent.
2 Corinthians 3:1-6
God to pour out His Holy Spirit afresh on intercessors to be able to carry character and integrity worthy the calling.
-God to deliver us from careless talk, pride, arrogance, anger and everything which sends wrong message to all who read us.
-God to awaken us to the call of watchman

Ezekiel 1:1-3
Ask God for open heavens for the whole time we will be gathered,
– ask for open heavens
– that we will see visions of God in connection to Africa,
– that the word of God will come to the conference, expressly
– the hand of God to be upon all who will come , Mombasa, and the continent at large
– Plead with God that this will be a holy convocation and God to bar anybody whole is defiled or plans to defile the conference by contact, deeds or words

Ps 19: 1-6
Plead with God that the heaven will declare Gods glory across Africa
That God will help us to tap into His mind in relation to the alignments in the month of March.
Ps 29
Ask God for His voice to resound to the whole continent
– God to speak to all speakers His agenda for the continent.
– Leaders to clearly hear the voice of God
– God to prepare them and protect them to be vessels of honor to deliver His word
– God to sanctify the altar we will raise and there will be no exaltation of man
– Ask God for His order
– Protection of delegates both local and foreigners, hotels and JCC, Bamburi
– Good health for all
– That we will align ourselves with Gods agenda and not our own agenda.
– Pray against tourists spirit and that we will be settled to hear the word without internal and external interference.
-protection as delegates travel.

Mark 4 :1-20
That we will be fertile ground for word of God.
That the word we teach and hear we begin to change our character as intercessors and believers at large.
That we will be doers and not hearers of the word.
– That we will lay new foundation for Africa
– God to harvest selfless workers who will carry His assignment for the continent without their additions.
– For God to raise new ministers who will carry out ministry following the example of the first church, laid out in the book of Acts.
Add as the Spirit leads you.


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